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J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)


The Effect Of Head Injury On Fracture Healing
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e7



Biomechanical Analysis Of A New Generation Posterior Derotation system
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e2

Early Results Of Austin Moore Prosthesis In Elderly Patients With Fracture Neck Femur
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e3

Obesity Does Not Affect The Accuracy of Acetabular Cup Implantation in Total Hip Replacement
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e6

The Effect Of Variaion In Medial Offset Correction On functional outcome after total hip arthoplasty
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e9

Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis – An Evaluation Of Surgical Treatment
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e5

A one-year follow up of Pilon fractures of Tibia treated with Ilizarov Fixator without image intensifier guidance
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e16

Open reduction and internal fixation of posterior wall acetabular fractures: a study of 45 cases 
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e17

Functional Outcome of Fractures of  Lower End of Radius Treated by Ligamentotaxis Vs Conservative Management
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e8

Management of open fractures
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e18



Wolf in a Sheep’s clothing: Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma Mimicking A Thigh Abscess
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e1

Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone After Humerus Fracture
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e4

A versatile closed external fixator
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e10
Synchronous septic arthritis of knee and mycotic aneurysm popliteal artery
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e11

Use of the Ilizarov Method to Reduce Quadriceps Lag in Neglected Non Union of a Patellar Fracture
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e12

Bilateral  Fracture capitellum humeri: A case report
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e13

Spontaneous femoral neck fracture after removal of Dynamic Hip Screw
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e14

Gas gangrene of a different origin in trauma patients- report of 2 cases
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e15



J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)


The Importance Of Post Surgery Analgesia Using Perineural Catheter After Ligamentous Surgery Of The Knee
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e16


Transpedicular Approach To Dorso-Lumbar Spine Injuries
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e8
The outcomes of treatment of the proximal humeral fractures with LPHP through a small skin incision on the anterolateral shoulder
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e3

Urinary Retention, A Common Problem In The Elderly Following Hip Arthroplasty
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e12

The “Clinical Scaphoid Fracture.” -A Prospective Study Of Outcomes.
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e15

Unstable Spinal Fractures In Children
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e27

The Functional Outcome Following Open Reduction And Internal Fixation In Supracondylar Intercondylar Fracture Femur
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e30

Role  Of  Ultrasonography  In  Early    Diagnosis   And  Management  Of  Infant  Hip  Dysplasia
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e33

Assessing The Accuracy Of Surgeon Estimation Of Range Of Movement Of The Knee During Total Knee Replacement
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e21

Design And Clinical Application Of Proximal Humerus Memory Connector
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e38

Intra-Articular Distal Radial Fractures – External Fixation Or Conventional Closed Reduction?
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e39

Management Of Intertrochanteric Fractures By Using   Dynamic Hip Screw / Dynamic Martin Screw
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e40



Scheuermann’s Disease: Early MRI Findings In 2 Patients Without Any Kyphosis
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e1
Bilateral Anterior Shoulder Fracture-Dislocation
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e2
Deformed Tibial Nails - A Case Report and Biomechanical analysis
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e4
GCT of Proximal  phalanx of ring finger in immature skeleton -Resection and Reconstruction by  iliac crest graft- A case report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e5
Unilateral Superiomedial Avulsion Fracture of the  Scapula - A Case Report
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e6
A Case Of OPLL Presenting With Acute Onset Quadriplegia Treated With Delayed Suspension Laminoplasty - A Case Report
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e9

Snapping Scapula Secondary To Elastofibroma: A Case Report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e11

Bilateral Hip Septic Arthritis
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e14

Hyperbilirubinemia May Activate Histiocytic Osteolysis
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(1)e17
Acute Neuropathic Arthropathy Of Ankle Joint: Report Of A Rare Case
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e23

Eosinophilic Granuloma Of  The Ilium -A Case Report
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e25

A Symptomatic Anomalous Variant Of The Medial Meniscus.  A Case Report And Review Of The Literature.
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e28

Tuberculous Sacroiliitis With Constitutional Symptom - A Case Report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e29

Bilateral Capitate-Hamate Coalition With Bilateral Carpal Bossing – A Case Report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e31

Beware the Child with Back Pain!
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e34

Simplified VAC Application with External Orthopedic Hardware
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e35

Schwannomatosis - A Case Report
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(2)e37

J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)


It is Time for Evidence Based Practice in India
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e2


Osteoporosis: Current Concepts
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e3
Comparative Study of Rigid Versus Dynamic Spine Stabilization for Degenerative Lumbar Spine disorders
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e7

Initial Experiences Of Arthroscopy Of The Hip
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e9

Post-Operative Pyrexia Following Lower Limb Arthroplasty
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e15

Treating Orthopaedic Patients With Psychiatric Illness And Their Treatment Outcomes
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e19

A Comparison Study Between Three Constrained Total Shoulder Replacements Designed for Proximal Humeral Sarcoma Limb Salvage Cases
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e22


Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Of The Metacarpal Bone-A Case Report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e1
Reversal Of Hip Arthrodesis With Birmingham Hip Resurfacing  
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e6
An Extremely Rare Complication of Nephrotic Syndrome
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e11
Is A Biopsy Necessary To Diagnose Kümmell’s Disease?
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e13
Asymptomatic Traumatic Posterior Dislocation Of Sternoclavicular Joint In A Child
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e14
Unusual Presentation Of Galeazzi’s Variant Fracture(In Children) With Ulnar Nerve Involvement
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e16

Adult Rhabdomyoma Arising In The Thigh
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e17

Asymtomatic Extra-Articular Synovial Osteochondromatosis Of The Knee
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e20

Tuberculosis Of The Patella In Children
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e23
Calcified Lumbar Disc Herniation in Children
J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e24/e7/


J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)


A Comparison of Fixation Methods for Acromioclavicular Joint Separation: A Biomechanical Study
       J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e8

Anterior Versus Superior Plating Of Fresh Displaced  Midshaft Clavicular Fractures
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e1
Oral Supplementation of Chondroitin Sulfate to Facilitate Fracture Healing: A Pilot Study
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e2

Blood Transfusion In Primary Hip And Knee Arthroplasty
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e5

Clinical and Radiological Results of Extended Trochanteric Osteotomies versus Intraoperative Femoral Fracturesin Revision Hip Arthroplasty
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e6

Clinical Evaluation Of The Knee For Medial Meniscal Lesion And Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears: An Assessment Of Clinical Reliability
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e7

Pectoralis Major Tendon Ruptures: Repair Using Absorbable Anchor Sutures
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e9

Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e13

Clinical and Functional Outcome of Multiple Laminotomy Technique in the Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 
       J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e14

Vertebral Deformity and Intraspinal Anomaly -Analysis of 123 Cases with Congenital Scoliosis
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e20

Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Iliosacral Screw
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e26


Soft Tissue Recurrence Of  Giant Cell Tumour
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e3
 Sinding-Larsen Johanssen Syndrome - Case Report
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e4
Entrapment Of Axillary Artery In Shoulder Joint After Anterior Shoulder Joint Reduction
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e10
Reccurrent Giant Cell Tumour Of Proximal Femur
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e11
Old Unreduced Simultaneous Bilateral Elbow Dislocation
         J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e12
Spontaneous Dislocation of the Posterior Tibial Tendon
          J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e15

Biceps Bridgeplasty In Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: Report Of 2 Cases
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e16

Traumatic Blue Toe Syndrome
 J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e17

Primary Intramedullary Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Of   Spinal Cord
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e18
Reconstruction of a Large Bone Defect in Tibia–A Case Report
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e19/
Metastatic Navicular Giant Cell Tumour
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e21/
Fractures Of Ceramic Heads In Total Hip Arthroplasty
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e22//
Tetraventricular Hydrocephalus And Subarachnoid Fat Vesicles Induced By Ruptured Spinal Dermoid Cyst
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e23/
Subacromial Bursitis With Rice Bodies
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e24//
Spontaneous Rupture Of The Latissimus Dorsi In A Patient Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e25//
Fungal Osteomyelitis Of The Hand Caused By Candida Parapsilosis
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e27
Sonographic Findings in Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
        J.Orthopaedics 2007;4(4)e28////






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