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Welcome to the Journal of Orthopaedics, the Peer Reviewed Online Journal on the perspectives in Tropical Orthopaedics Journal of Orthopaedics provides hyperlinks to related resources on the web including full text references.
Papers published in Journal of Orthopaedics will be included in the Virtual Journal of International Health. Journal of Orthopaedics listed in major E-Journal directories like JournalCentral.
Journal of Orthopaedics supports initiatives aimed at improving the reporting of biomedical research. We support the initiatives spearheaded by CONSORT.[read more...] Journal of Orthopaedics is an Open Access Medical Journal. We support the initiatives to provide free access to scholarly communication on the internet.
Journal of Orthopaedics is a member of the OpenMEd Alliance- The Coalition of Open Access Medical Editors.  
Online submission (Beta) is available in Journal of Orthopaedics, and authors can track their submissions. [Read More........]


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International Knee Symposium

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At Malabar Palace,
Calicut, Kerala, India

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